Pieces of Me

I birthed you many years ago,

Pleasantly surprised I’d need pink bows.

Because your nine months were like the others,

The ones in which I grew your brother.

Yet you came out to shock us all,

And I couldn’t wait to buy your first doll.

A smile as vast as the open sea,

Such happiness you brought to me.

A shine so bright in your hazel eyes,

You were perfect and divine.

Your persona was loud and had to be heard,

But now you say so few words.

What happened all that time ago,

To alter so much of your ego?

A child so liked and nice and fun,

What could this world have possibly done?

To change your boisterous amusing ways,

And in their place leave you sad for days.

It must have been tough to face your facts,

To feel death a more plausible act.

To view the world without you in it,

Still tears me apart every minute.

Because you are my child always and forever,

Not support you I would never.

I love to glimpse a smile upon your face,

And feel so sad as I watch it erase.

So guarded you have become,

But my child you don’t see all you’ve done.

You’re learning to listen and learning to speak,

Not only for yourself but for also the meek.

You’re standing your ground and sharing your ride,

Regardless of many difficult divides.

You know your heart and mind and soul,

To follow a path toward your future goals.

I don’t care what others do,

I care less if you wear pink or if you wear blue.

Opinions don’t matter at all to me,

You’re free to be my she or he.

Through the years you’ve taught me much,

My soul indeed feels your touch.

You are a creation from above,

No matter what you I love.

Ups and downs and in between,

You in my life is all I need.

I’m always proud to call you mine,

You shall never be left behind.

From the time I wake to when I sleep,

In my heart you I keep.

No matter where your life will lead,

Forever you’ll hold all the pieces of me.



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