In My Real World

In my real world I come from confusion, lies, tremendous love. I come from blends and gaps and completion. I come from a father and a mother who did the best they knew how. Yet not necessarily the best they could have.

In my real world I come from ridicule and rudeness. From trial to triumph. From doubt to discovery. From deviance to defiance. From exasperation to excellence. From points where I wondered how I’d reach the next. Then getting there. And sometimes willfully opting to leave.

In my real world I come from music; harmonizing voices and melodious instruments. Where eyes couldn’t do the job as well as ears. To shows and audiences, yet rarely in the spotlight. However I cling to what’s unfinished on my “Bucket List”.

In my real world I come from mistakes and knowledge. Where the pain of staying outweighs the fear of leaving. Thus learning becomes a key point toward fulfillment.

In my real world I come from realizing the difference between a want and a need. In comprehending value at a young age. No one cares as we can for ourselves. I’m grateful for such colossal insight…especially in an era where children are often catered and coddled.

In my real world I come from addictions, beat and buried. I come from skeletons and demons I no longer slave to. I come from prospective and clarity. And so much faith.

In my real world I come from hard work with little appreciation. I come from tricks and trades…coupled with dreams and motivations…

Shared from the “Notes” section of my Facebook page to showcase previous writing


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